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Made for those looking to whiten their skin and encourage exfoliation at night, Special Exfoliation Cream is a gentle night treatment that works while you sleep. Formulated to target pigmentation with ingredients such as Vitamin C, Japanese Green Tea, and Glycolic Acid, Special Exfoliation Cream is a highly effective skin softener and exfoliant allowing for an even skin tone. Also concentrated with various sources of anti oxidants, the Special Exfoliation Cream combats free radicals and prevents premature aging.

How to use

After cleansing skin thoroughly and applying toner and serum at night, smooth cream all over face.

For thick & oily skin: On the first week of application, use it every night. After which, use it twice a week to maintain the result. For better results, apply a hydrating seum to the skin before the cream starting from second week. 

For those dry & sensitive skin: Use once to two times per week to maintain the smoothness and fineness of your skin. For best results, apply a layer of hydrating serum before the cream and a moisturizing cream after the cream. 

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