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For oily and acne skin types.

The Clear Complex Sulfur Mask is a deep penetrating and clarifying treatment mask.  
Zinc Oxide and Sulfur work together to absorb oil and sterilize infected debris and unclean pores.
Triclosan fights bacteria and regulates sebum production. 
The technically formulated mask also reduces irritation and creates a protective antiseptic barrier. 
Eucalyptus essential oil is also beneficial in calming the skin while Aloe Vera Gel soothes and promotes healing. 
Can also be used as a spot treatment to dry and heal blemishes.

How to use

After thorough cleansing and toning, apply spot treatment to blemishes if desired. Can also be used as a face mask. 
Rinse off after 10 - 15 minutes.
Follow the application of toner, serums, cream, and sun protection if needed. 
*Can be used all over face, or as a spot treatment.

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