Signs of Aging

Battle scars from Time – Fighting wrinkles

The skin loses elasticity over time as it loses moisture, oxygen and active cells to the elements.

When caring for aging skin, ensure that the skin is protected, and the necessary nutrients and minerals (such as water, oxygen and proteins) are constantly replenished.

1. Biotox Cleanser, 50ml
- Unclog pores to achieve a clear and healthy complexion
- Foamless cleansing blend that would leave skin nourished and hydrated
- Herbal plant extracts such as Parsley, Heather and Bearberry to sooth and calm the skin

2. Toner, 50ml
- Restores pH balance of the skin
- Hydrates the skin with the water retention properties
- Calming sensitive and inflamed skin
- Citrus extract to refresh and nourish the skin
- Preps the skin for absorption of other skincare product

3. Delicate Firming Gel, 15ml
- Improves blood circulation
- Reliefs tiredness of the eyes
- Reduce dark circles & Replenishes moisture
- Improve skin's elasticity and reduce eye bags
- Removes sebaceous oil seeds 
- Reduce fine lines & wrinkles around the eyes

4. Miracle Mask
- Hydrating properties of algae extract
- Nourishes the skin
- For all skin types