Common pigmentations on the skin includes freckles and sun spots and are usually triggered and aggravated by exposure to sunlight. The exposure to UV-B radiation activates melanocytes to increase melanin production, causing pigmentation to become darker and more visible.

Beyond sun protection, using products that prevents the sedimentation of melanin can speed up the whitening process.

1. Biotox Cleanser, 50ml
- Unclog pores to achieve a clear and healthy complexion
- Foamless cleansing blend that would leave skin nourished and hydrated
- Herbal plant extracts such as Parsley, Heather and Bearberry to sooth and calm the skin

2. Toner, 50ml
- Restores pH balance of the skin
- Hydrates the skin with the water retention properties
- Calming sensitive and inflamed skin
- Citrus extract to refresh and nourish the skin
- Preps the skin for absorption of other skincare product

3. Vital 7, 30g
- 7 different types of Vitamins Advanced Nano technology to help deep and quick absorption of nutrients
- Restores skin cell vitality and boost regeneration hydrating properties leaving skin soft and smooth
- Whitening effect with AA2G that targets dark spots and pigments, achieving a brighter complexion
- Strong anti-oxidant properties 

4. DD Cream, 40ml
- 7 different functions in 1
- Single shade that automatically adjusts to match you skin color
- Sun protection from both UVA & UVB