Dryness & Dehydration

Is your skin dehydrated?

For city-dwellers in work or play, long hours in air-conditioned places or out in the sun can cause our skin to be dry and dehydrated. Environmental and lifestyle factors can rob your skin of the necessary hydration. Our body is made up of 70% water and your skin needs to be hydrated to stay healthy. 

1. Biotox Cleanser, 50ml
- Unclog pores to achieve a clear and healthy complexion
- Foamless cleansing blend that would leave skin nourished and hydrated
- Herbal plant extracts such as Parsley, Heather and Bearberry to sooth and calm the skin

2. Toner, 50ml
- Restores pH balance of the skin
- Hydrates the skin with the water retention properties
- Calming sensitive and inflamed skin
- Citrus extract to refresh and nourish the skin
- Preps the skin for absorption of other skincare produc

3. Intensive Hydra Serum, 10ml
- Hydrates the skin with the water retention properties of algae extract
- Brightens the skin to achieve radiant an even skin tone
- Refine pores, leaving skin feeling healthy and smooth

4. Hydrant Mask, 80ml
- Hydrates skin and restores elasticity with the moisture retention properties of algae extract
- Improves skin's vitality and regeneration, reducing the signs of aging