Acnes & Breakouts

Understanding Acne

Acne is a common skin problem amongst teenagers and young adults, as it is usually caused by an increase in testosterone during puberty. Common characteristics of acne includes the appearance of pimples, seborrhea (scaly red skin), black heads and whiteheads, and may result in scarring. Acne usually affects areas of the skin with the most sebaceous follicles, when the follicles are clogged with excessive sebum and dirt.

Curing of the acne includes the removal of excessive sebum and dirt and the softening of dead cells to add the removal of blackheads whiteheads.

1. Biotox Cleanser, 50ml
- Unclog pores to achieve a clear and healthy complexion
- Foamless cleansing blend that would leave skin nourished and hydrated
- Herbal plant extracts such as Parsley, Heather and Bearberry to sooth and calm the skin

2. Toner, 50ml
- Restores pH balance of the skin
- Hydrates the skin with the water retention properties
- Calming sensitive and inflamed skin
- Citrus extract to refresh and nourish the skin
- Preps the skin for absorption of other skincare product

3. X-Black Head, 20ml
- Dissolves skin impurities, black-heads and whiteheads

4. Refining Cream 2, 30ml
- Highly effective in solving pimples and acne problems
- Dissolves sebum and impurities
- Prevents excessive skin oil production
- Soften dead skin cells and get rid of blackheads
- Restores your youthful radiant complexion

5. Purifying Mask, 80ml
- Removes skin's impurities and toxins
- Regulate oil secretion to prevent pimples and acne