Dermedex began in 1996, with the mission to bring the best beauty products from all over the world to our customers. The story started with our founder, Peggy Eng, whom has been a professionally trained and certified skincare therapy veteran for over two decades.

Peggy's passion for skincare transcends beyond her role of a therapist to that of a entrepreneur, spotting a lack in a skincare range that can truly provide quick and effective results to solve problematic skin issues. Thus the birth of Dermedex.  

East meets West 

Her pursuit for beauty perfection has led her to continuously search for the highest quality beauty products from all over the world to form the most ideal skin care line – one that combines the best technologies from the East and West, so as to effectively solve all sorts of skincare problems.


Our Mission & Vision
"To be the number #1 beauty products provider for professional beauty salons in Asia & to continuously source for professional, results-oriented beauty products from all over the world and bring them to our customers"​


Made by professionals for professionals

Peggy believes in beauty products made by professional for professionals, and making them available for everyday women. She emphasizes on the importance of professional advice and education that certified beauty salon can bring to the end consumer. This, coupled with the effective use of Dermedex products has dramatically helped eradicate many clients' skincare problems, enabling them to achieve the beautiful skin that they deserve.


Peggy’s dream is to help improve the skin of the modern woman, one client at a time, through the help of Dermedex's authorized salons. Dermedex products are currently trusted and sold by over 1000 beauty salons, and today, we have helped improve the skin conditions of over a million customers, bringing Peggy one step closer to her mission. 

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